Past projects

Here are just a few of the projects I have worked on…

Stag and Hen websites rebuild (2017)

The project was to rebuild two similar websites into one codebase. The aim was to make the sites very fast and allow the websites to be decoupled from the central booking system. The existing websites were written in Ruby and connected to a database; the new build is written in the Slim PHP framework and gets data from an API and caches it in Redis.

Google Analytics data quality auditing tool (2016/17)

A Laravel 5 build which involved gathering data through the Google Analytics API, doing calculations and then displaying results tables and graphs.

Location and travel data for University Match (2016)

The University Match resource enables students to search for university courses. One aspect of this is refining the search by location (distance from home or UK region) and also providing train and car travel times from the student’s home.

I found a useful resource from the Office of National Statistics which provides location data complete with postcodes, longitudes, latitudes and UK regions. Using this, the haversine formula (for calculating distances), and the Google Maps Directions API, we were able to filter the search results and provide distance and travel information, with minimal real-time processing.

Reviews Survey Platform (2016)

The ideal was to find and implement a system that would allow staff members to create a variety of questionnaires that could be shown across the website. The first questionnaire to be created would allow students to give reviews and star ratings on various different aspects of their university experience.

After some research the best system I found was LimeSurvey. It met the requirements of being a free, open-source, maintained and supported PHP platform that we could download and customise. I integrated it with our system, created the first survey and implemented the designs. I also provided training to team members and wrote both technical and administrative documentation.

Google AdWords reporting tool (2015)

I built an internal tool for a Google AdWords agency to produce diagnostic reports on the state of Google AdWords accounts. The tool was built in Python using the Django framework and hosted with AWS. It connects to a Google account using OAuth2 authentication, and downloads the required data from the AdWords API. It then calculates some carefully designed metrics and produces an HMTL report.

Business Map of Britain (2014)

Aggregation and presentation of data. We used the free data from Companies House on companies registered in the UK (3.25 million records across 4 excel files). I pre-processed this data along with geographical information on postcode areas and districts. I then created chloropleth maps which display company densities by postcode, area, district, and two levels of business sector. You can navigate around the map, zoom into more detailed levels of information and save the map state for sharing at any time. Technologies used include Zend Framework 2, MySQL, LeafletJS, JSON and GeoJSON.

Expression Engine (2012)

Contributed to an Expression Engine based website. Implemented javascript Highcharts on desktop and mobile versions of the site.

Orange tablets and iPads (2012)

Worked as part of a team on a section of the Orange shop, selling tablets and iPads. Used the Zend framework, Subversion version control and the CSS Blueprint framework. Worked on the HTML and CSS, which had to be ‘pixel-perfect’ and degrade gracefully.

Music Robot (2012)

Worked as part of a team on a music blog aggregation project. Used the CodeIgniter framework and Subversion version control.

Iconic Abu Dhabi (2012)

Worked on the Iconic Abu Dhabi web site for Turner Broadcasting Europe. The site was written in CodeIgniter, with beautiful photos on a jQuery slideshow. My task was to add a new competition entry page, which I completed ahead of schedule. For the design elements, I created the necessary assets out of the raw Photoshop files that were provided. This task also involved jQuery, CodeIgniter and database work.

Lightening Fire Systems (2012)

Built an internal system from scratch using CodeIgniter. Engineers in the field enter data about jobs into a web form on their mobile device. Managers can then view and interact with reports with this data. The Engineer’s area is optimised for mobile.

Construction Industry (2011/2012)

A number of new developments to a group of sites internal to the construction industry:

  • Improved the performance of a problematically slow XML import to a database, using PHP’s XMLReader.
  • Improved the performance of a web page showing of a data-heavy table of construction industry data.
  • Created a ‘Magazine Bookshelf’ with Flipping Book and PDFs.
  • Added the ability to add news articles. These are displayed as scrolling headlines as well as a ‘teaser’ style list.
  • Created a directory of member companies, searchable by region, with a responsive interface (using AJAX).

Artemis Interiors (2011)

Built a Content Management System using Drupal and imported their existing website.